Innovation is the competitive edge that ultimately separates the extraordinary from the average. Namibia Innovation Solutions focuses on the development of the innovation capability that will ultimately stimulate creativity, generate solutions, boost productivity and profits, and result in high performance organisations that will stand the test of time in harsh economic environments.

Namibia Innovation Solutions (NIS) is a consultancy that provides expertise to companies and individuals to develop and improve their innovation capabilities, transform their business processes, take action, and execute strategies that will create a competitive advantage.

NIS works with companies to develop strategies that speed innovation, encourage creative thinking, and build balanced portfolios of incremental and radical innovation solutions that are aligned to strategic objectives and specifically aimed at creating long-term value for customers, partners, and the organisation alike.

Through the application of our own unique blend of the Idea-Driven Organisation (IDO) philosophy, design thinking, problem solving, opportunity identification, and Innovation Portfolio Management, we identify, plan and manage incremental and breakthrough innovation projects which increase competitiveness and enrich your product and service offering.


To bring a creative spark and new possibilities to the world for the good of others.


To provide performance-enhancing innovation management services that enable our clients to fully exploit their creative potential to reach their goals.


NIS utilises dynamic concepts, models and applications to help organisations (and individuals) to implement new ideas, to solve problems, improve business processes, beat tough competitors, and avoid business failure and extinction. We further aim to boost organisational productivity and profitability by stimulating the ideation that leads to the creation of new products, services, and systems.