Our work

Innovation can either be incremental (continuous improvement) or radical (disruptive/breakthrough) innovation. We believe that organisations should pursue both, but with different approaches.

Implementation of the IDO is based on the principles in the bestseller Idea-Driven Organization by authors Alan G. Robinson and Dean M. Schroeder, which demonstrate how to align every part of an organisation to the generation and implementation of employee ideas. Professor Alan Robinson is a personal friend and mentor of Dr. Grobler, whose PhD research was focused on the personal and organisational factors that influence idea implementation of front-line personnel.


Research shows that nearly 80% of an organisation’s potential for performance improvement lies in the ideas of regular front-line employees. From ideas to improving productivity and customer service, to ideas for new or better products or services, any company not soliciting and implementing these ideas is using, at best, one fifth of its available improvement potential.

The company adopts a fluid process consisting of insights, design sprints, prototypes and testing concepts in the real world. We’re focused on business results based on a human-centric approach and making people’s lives better.

NIS works with organisations seeking growth, influence, and agility, to design and build the next generation of products, services, and experiences.

Dr. Grobler has extensive research experience, which is essential for the design thinking approach of conducting experiments to figure out what is working and what is not.

1. Detailed diagnosis/assessment of an organisation’s management of innovation, ideas, and continuous improvement, with recommendations on how to enhance this.
2. Training and education programmes for all leaders and staff at all levels, aimed at managing ideas, creativity, and innovation.
3. Guidance for organisations wishing to set up and launch high-performance idea systems, or any initiatives to improve creativity and innovation.
4. Effective personal coaching that enables leaders to effectively manage bottom-up ideas and breakthrough innovations.
5. Workshops and master classes that are customised to an organisation’s specific needs and its audience’s unique background, business dynamics, and market positioning.
6. Guidance in the development of innovation frameworks that are aligned to the business strategy.
7. Business process re-engineering.